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• What's New?
  • V-Ray Vision: Real-Time Rendering while you work in SketchUp
  • Lighting Made Easy
  • Post-Process Your Renders Right In V-Ray
  • See Your Designs In Their Best Light
  • New Layered V-Ray Material
  • Improved Contour Rendering
  • Improved Material Library
  • Improved Sun And Sky Model
  • Add Randomness For Realism
  • Dirt And Weathering
  • V-Ray Core
  • New Software Architecture
  • New API Documentation
V-Ray Vision
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V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Hotfix 1 now available fully compatible with SketchUp Pro 2021.

V-Ray Vision
  • Automatic mipmap generation implemented for all bitmap textures. It optimizes the rendering speed and removes moire effects when viewing detailed textures in a distance
  • Exceeding a specific light count limit no longer causes artifacts to appear on screen
  • All the default V-Ray material parameters are now set correctly in Vision on scene load
  • Resizing the Vision window (making it smaller) no longer restricts the hit area of the toolbar buttons
  • Scenes with spherical cameras are no longer displayed with extremely narrow field of view. Note that the spherical camera settings from V-Ray are ignored in Vision
  • Half-float precision is used when exporting images which reduces the memory consumption. This lowers the chances of Vision crashing when huge resolution images are exported
  • Mesh Lights can now be disabled during a live session
  • A number of issues with the Orbit Mode target are resolved
  • The procedural sky appearance is improved
other Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Full support for SketchUp 2021 implemented
  • Big .tx textures loaded in the SketchUp model are now automatically optimized by V-Ray to keep the file size small. The full pixel data is no longer stored as a texture buffer in the model. A lower resolution compressed representation is used instead. The original texture is only loaded during render time
  • An issue with the Individual Lights Light Mix mode is resolved. Instances no longer get grouped together
  • SketchUp no longer crashes when changes to a Tri-Planar texture Projection Space are introduced during Interactive rendering
  • An issue with the Swarm uninstaller is resolved
  • An internal optimization related to the Contour / Toon effect is introduced. It boosts render times when the global contours are disabled and there are no Contour attributes used in the scene materials
  • A default texture transformation and material scaling is used even when the Texture Placement type is set to Mapping Source and the source slot is empty
  • A number of issues related to the UVW Placement Randomization options are resolved. The Render ID, Node Name, Node Handle modes now work as expected
  • Light Gen no longer applies Dome light texture rotation values exceeding 360 degrees
  • Roughness values are no longer treated as Glossiness when there is a texture connected to the slot and the texture is disabled
  • Simple Mix textures not longer disappear when the project is saved and then reopened
  • The interactive render image sampling no longer stops way before it should which in some situations leaves the image noisy
  • Each new slot added to the Multi-Sub texture now presents a unique random color by default
  • The scene synchronization between SketchUp and the V-Ray Asset Editor is optimized. Scenes with many materials now load much faster
  • Non-latin characters in the OS Username no longer prevent the Material Library and the Light Gen assets from being downloaded
  • LightGen’s notification animations are updated