Chaos Vantage: Your fastest route to real-time
Explore your most complex 3D production scenes ray traced in real-time. With Chaos Vantage, there are no time-consuming conversions. Simply drag and drop your complete V-Ray scene into Vantage and start exploring.

• Zero setup: Drag and drop your V-Ray scene into Chaos Vantage and start exploring. Unlike other real-time solutions, there’s no geometry to optimize, UVs to unwrap, or lighting to bake.
• Go big!: Chaos Vantage is built to handle huge scenes and billions of polygons. It’s the fastest way for you to see your most detailed V-Ray scenes in real-time. 
• Easy to navigate: Navigating your scene is easy. Use controls similar to your 3D app, or move around just like playing a game. Walk up stairs and avoid walking through walls with automatic collision detection.
• 100% ray-traced quality: With fully raytraced and real-time rendering, Chaos Vantage uses physically based cameras, lights, materials, and global illumination for the most realistic results.
• Simple and fast animation: Perfect for previsualization, you can create, edit, and render animation right from Chaos Vantage. Easily animate between cameras, apply transitions, arrange your sequence in the Animation Editor.

System Requirements:
- Windows 10 (Build 1809+)
- nVidia RTX GPU
- rec.: RAM >= V-RAM
Building Utopia Competition
Building Utopia is an international competition providing designers, artists, and innovators whether student,
professional, or enthusiast, with a platform to showcase their work to a global audience.
  1. place: Lenovo ThinkPad P15
    + KitBash3D and Chaos prizes
  2. place: Quadro RTX 8000
    + KitBash3D and Chaos prizes
  3. place: Quadro RTX 6000
    + KitBash3D and Chaos prizes

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